Job Openings

JOB TITLE: Facilities Support Services & Reprographics Specialist
REPORT TO: Site Manager / Director of Operations
Position Profile:
We are a progressive On-Site Management company that provides facilities services and managed print services to Architects and Engineers. We are looking for an experienced, motivated, customer focused individual to provide Facilities support services and fulfill printing needs for our client locations. The Facilities Support Services & Reprographics Specialist is responsible for building relationships with our clients by providing onsite administrative, reprographics and related functional printing support, document imaging (print, copy, scan) services, and other office related tasks, in a fast-paced professional environment.

• Process and distribute US Mail, UPS, and FedEx deliveries throughout the facility
• Maintain and distribute office supplies as requested by clients
• Operate large format black/white plotters, and related bindery
• Operate small format copying/printing and bindery machines
• Color Inkjet plotting and presentation boards
• Knowledge of Guillotine cutter and various laminators
• Troubleshoot file issues and equipment problems
• Other support functions as requested by our client or support team
• Maintain productive workflow focused on meeting project deadlines

• Outgoing, resourceful customer focused individual
• Strong organizational skills and detail oriented.
• Strong written and verbal communications skills.
• Excellent customer service skills and copy center experience
• Team oriented with the ability to work independently, meet deadlines, and respond to customers' needs quickly and effectively
• Basic Microsoft Office and networking skills
• Functional knowledge of Adobe Acrobat, PDF creation and annotations
• High School Diploma or equivalent experience
• Highly self-motivated and directed
• Good analytical and problem-solving abilities
• Ability to effectively prioritize and execute tasks in a fast-paced environment
• Able to lift 50 pounds
• Valid driver’s license required

Archimedia Earns Three Awards for Innovation and Growth in 2015

Archimedia Solutions Group has been recognized as one of the "Best Entrepreneurial Companies in America" by Entrepreneur magazine's Entrepreneur360™ Performance Index, a compilation of private U.S. companies most likely to achieve sustained growth and lasting success through innovation.

The award marks the third time this year Archimedia received public recognition for its continual success; the company was also included in annual rankings from the Boston Business Journal's Pacesetters (#38 for the second consecutive year) and Inc. Magazine's Inc. 5000 list (#76 in Massachusetts and #2631 in the United States) which assessed the fastest growing private companies.

Archimedia focuses exclusively on providing architects and engineers with On-Site Print Management solutions. Founded in 2006, the company is now a leader in its niche after a decade of rapid and continual growth in markets across the U.S.

"We are honored to receive three prominent awards for growth and innovation within a single calendar year," said Mark DiPasquale, Archimedia's co-founder. "We launched this company to provide architects and engineers with relevant services and exceptional customer service, and our ability to remain focused on those core goals has fueled our growth. We deliver a quantifiable value to our clients, and consistently exceed their expectations for service thanks to our outstanding team."

"Mark and I created a business model that could scale easily, and designed our proprietary systems with growth and adaptability in mind," said Jane Simmons, Archimedia's co-founder. "Our service works seamlessly for A/E clients across multiple offices and geographic locations. The systems we have in place are very capable of handling the future growth we expect." The co-founders credit their employees, and the entrepreneurial culture they've fostered internally, as keys to their company's success. "Our employees are empowered, and respond to client requests swiftly and nimbly," added Simmons and DiPasquale.

Centerbrook Architects
Steve Haines

"The service we received from Archimedia has been nothing short of fantastic. Your informed and candid guidance on equipment selection was invaluable in getting the solution right from the start. You handled the transition to new gear efficiently and professionally, taking care of all interaction with equipment manufacturers and suppliers.

Working together with our IT staff you took on the burden of integrating all of the software, drivers and configurations into our network and ensured that everything was working before our staff arrived the next day saving us days of IT time. You took the lead with training making sure to understand our specific workflows ahead of time to avoid any confusion.

Since the transition, supply orders, meter reads and routine service calls are simply taken care of in a prompt drama free manner by your staff. Overall the time spent by IT staff tending to these issues has dropped dramatically compared to the previous solution. Our pay per copy print and plot solution has gone from a complete nightmare to a solution that simply works and it happened virtually overnight.

We have many technology partners and there are none better at what they do than Archimedia. Knowledge, focus and delivery, what else could I ask for?"

Pacesetters 2015

Archimedia Solutions Group announces their placement of #38 on the Boston Business Journal's Pacesetters Select 70 list which highlights the fastest growing private companies in the Boston area. This placement is the result of achieving 140% sales growth since the comparison year of 2011. This is the second year in a row Archimedia has been recognized by the BBJ having landing in the #38 slot in 2014 as well.

Archimedia focuses exclusively on providing architects and engineers with On-Site Print Management solutions. The business has grown rapidly throughout the United States since its founding in 2006 and now finds itself among the largest companies in its industry in the US.

"We are proud to have been able to achieve such a consistently high growth rate – including the recession years. It's a testament to our ability to provide highly relevant services, exceptional customer service and remain focused on our core expertise. To be publicly recognized by the BBJ for our achievement is quite an honor." states Mark DiPasquale, Archimedia's Co-Founder.

Co-Founder Jane Simmons expanded to say "Our entire business model and proprietary systems were designed specifically to handle multi-office A/E clients in any geographic location. All our systems and processes have responded extremely well to the high growth we've achieved."

"Our staff has really stepped up to help the company take on so many clients over the years. Our entrepreneurial environment enables our staff to be highly responsive and nimble when addressing any client need. It's a formula that has worked exceptionally well." added DiPasquale and Simmons.

Archimedia is in the process of implementing services with several new clients across the country and will likely place among the top growth companies for 2015.

December 2012

Archimedia is proud to announce 100% renewal of all client relationships. "We set out on a mission to serve our clients extremely well. The fact that all of our clients have renewed with us is a reflection on how well we've executed on our core principles" states Mark DiPasquale, Archimedia co-founder. "Our flexiblity and ability to provide creative solutions, especially given the economic conditions of the past few years, is one of the key factors in building long-lasting partnerships with our clients." add Jane Simmons, co-founder.

August 2012

Archimedia hits sixth anniversary of its founding.

June 2010

RDK Engineers, with five offices in Massachussets and North Carolina selected Archimedia to provide plotting, tech support and integrated tracking services. "We really appreciate the high level of support and professionalism they provide. Our plotters and tracking systems are running the best they ever have." states Danniel Villeneuve, RDK's Design Technology Manager. "Our success at RDK is a perfect example of how Archimedia differentiates itself as a company. We really understand how systems work together" states Mark DiPasquale, Archimedia's co-founder. "At a technical level, we get far more involved than our competitors and take full responsibility for the performance of our solutions." Adds Jane Simmons, co-founder.

Selected 2010 Client Additions

In addition to RDK Engineers, Archimedia is proud to announce the addition of clients GHA Architects and Heat Tech. These firms bring Archimedia into North Carolina and Michigan increasing its US coverage to 14 states.

Summer/Fall, 2009

Archimedia is proud to announce the addition of clients Shepley Bulfinch Richardson and Abbott, The BSC Group, Carol R Johnson & Associates, Odeh Engineering, and The Markley Group. "We appreciate the trust that these firms have placed in us. We look forward to working with them for many years to come" states Jane Simmons, Archimedia co-founder. "Our ability to add such great clients during these difficult times is a testament to our sound business model, our ability to listen to our clients' needs, and the creativity we have in developing programs that help firms in this difficult economic climate" adds Mark DiPasquale, Archimedia co-founder.

Service Point Ceases Operation
Posted by Mark DiPasquale - 11/08/2013

In a shocking move, Service Point closed all operations in the US effective this past Friday and let go of all remaining staff. No provision has been made to support their existing clients, including many that have In-House Equipment that they manage.

Archimedia is Ready to Step in with Temporary or Long Term Support
We have hired a number of former Service Point On-Site support staff and are ready to help you in any way you need:

  • Provide paper, toner and other supplies
  • Arrange for service on the equipment
  • Help determine the disposition of the assets
  • Gather project tracking data to run your reimbursement reports.
  • Production printing, plotting mounting etc.

We are ready and standing by to help former clients through this difficult time. No long term commitment necessary, we'll sort all that out once the dust settles.

We've set up a dedicated email address to quickly assist those in need:, or call 978.774.5400.

On a Personal Note:
A number of us at Archimedia are former Service Point/Charrette members and helped build the company. We are saddened by the closure and will do anything we can to help the A/E industry that we serve and the former employees that were hurt by this drastic move.

Archimedia Systems Ready for Continuing Growth
Posted by Craig Wrentmore

Archimedia has been at the forefront of cloud based computing since our founding in 2006. Back in those days the best options available were major data centers with racks and racks of servers, redundant power sources, sufficient internet backbones, and fire suppression systems. As a company you were responsible for providing your own hardware, such as servers, but the facility itself would provide the infrastructure for security, network resources, and other redundancies necessary to keep your equipment running. The benefit of using such a facility meant you did not need to invest in your own network infrastructure as the data center itself provided that function as a part of their services.

Of course, times change, and along came the advent of reliable, cost effective virtual machine (VM) environments. Now are the days of mega facilities which can house thousands of servers, all done virtually…meaning without the need to buy any hardware at all. These facilities not only provide the networking services of yesteryear; they also made huge investments in server hardware. They provide all of the equipment, designed systems to make it run, and charge customers only for what they use. (If that sounds familiar, it's because it's a service model taken straight out of the original Archimedia play book!)

These new generation cloud based facilities let you create a new server in minutes. Need more storage? Just add a new virtual storage disk to your VM in a matter of seconds. Need more processing power? No problem, just bump up your existing VM to the next level and you have a faster CPU. It's a truly amazing convergence of technology.

Archimedia built our cloud based systems from the ground up with these very concepts in mind. You never want to be restricted to running a certain system from a single location. Employees move around, offices move around, and customers work from all over the world. Readily accessible, secure systems are a must have, not just wishful thinking.

From a growth standpoint you cannot beat these virtual cloud based systems that lend themselves to be incredibly flexible and scaleable. That's why as Archimedia grew over the years it also became time to abandon our old hardware restrictive cloud based infrastructure and move to a much more modern virtual cloud infrastructure. We currently have the ability to scale our systems with ease as our company continues to grow. That allows us to focus on our core business and customer service with much less emphasis on systems infrastructure. The end result…a leaner organization not only able to handle our existing client base, but able to exponentially scale as our needs arise.

Time to be Creative and Take the Long View
Posted by Mark DiPasquale

There's no debate to fact that we're in extremely difficult times. There are but a few companies that are not deeply affected by the economic meltdown. How companies react now will reveal the true character of its leaders and the organization. Most companies take a "slash and burn" reaction to the slowdown: Reduce costs, cut back on services and squeeze every bit of margin they can. Unfortunately, many decisions that are made to satisfy the short-term issues ultimately end up alienating customers and forever tarnishing their brand. It won't be until times are better that these companies find out how difficult, if not impossible, it is to re-gain former clients?that felt abandoned when times were tough.

However, in any time of strife, there are always a few companies that take a completely different approach. These are the companies that focus on life after the downturn. In this case, it means an approach that is based on placing their clients' health and success ahead of their own immediate needs. This is not to suggest they ignore the issues vital to their own survival and success. It's simply a shift in mind-set. They beleive that finding creative ways to help clients with their issues will set them apart from the competition and help them build life-long client relationships. In other words, sometimes the solution is to forgo the short-term in order to be positioned well for the long-term.

"Long term" is not exactly a phrase Wall Street embraces so we'll continue to see these investor-driven companies make sharp cuts in operations and service in an effort to squeeze out short-term profits. All to try and please those impatient "money guys". This is good news for the privately held, customer-centric firms! The commitment they have to the long-term will reward them on the other side of this downturn. Right now, prospective clients are more willing than ever to entertain new trading partners and to challenge the status-quo. They will choose the partners that propose innovative solutions that help them solve complicated problems and increase their profitability. And, after having been through the downturn together, they will never go back to their old "partner" ... the one that never took the time to ask them how they could help.

It's important to accept the fact that doing business the way it was 18 months ago is over. This downturn is a game-changer. People have simply figured out better, cheaper ways of doing things: they've HAD to. It is an opportunity for the nimble, creative and visionary companies to help their existing clients as well as bring on new business that will ensure their success in the future.

It comes down to execution!
Posted by Mark DiPasquale

A little over a year ago, my partner and I had a vision of building a highly focused business based on providing exceptional client service. Hours were spent developing a detailed business plan, financial projections and sales strategies that identified all the possible scenarios we might face. Then came the tricky part: EXECUTION. Even with 15 years experience, a business plan will only work if you can actually get it done. Your industry history, experience and contacts, may help you get a foot in the door but after that, you have to present a clear business case for why clients should work with you. Along the way, you need to convince banks, vendors and employees that your plan is solid and you'll be able to deliver. Then, once you get the client, you have to deliver on every aspect of what you've committed to. When you do, your clients will reward you with their loyalty and best of all, references! Now THAT is execution!

Is taking a risk on a new company really a risk?
Posted by Mark DiPasquale

OK, this startup business that wants your business seems to have it all - they really understand your issues and have a solution that exceeds your needs. But, do you sign a long term deal with them? What if they don't make it? Do they know really what they are doing? Seems risky, but is it? Take a hard look at the people running the business. Do they have a track record of success in prior endeavors? Are they savvy enough to navigate the challenges new businesses face? Are they well funded and have the resources and the connections to make it happen? If your answer to these questions is YES, give them a shot! . New businesses have the energy and passion to give you excellent service. They are not stuck in tradition that stands in the way of creativity, responsiveness and flexibility. They are spirited and innovative. These businesses are eager to please and will do anything to serve you. Simply put... they have to do better! Taking the "risk" of doing business with a new company can reward you handsomely.

ADHD: Not such a bad thing for entrepreneurs!
Posted by Mark DiPasquale

As my partner and I work together, we often find ourselves flipping between topics - seemingly at random. Most of the time we are talking to each other but having two completely different conversations. Our attention spans rival that of a flea on a double espresso. A typical day (actually a typical hour): write part of a blog, work on some financing, send an email, enter some transactions into Quickbooks, setup a sales call, send a thank you note. Switching endlessly between all of these with a split second notice so as not to lose the thought that popped into your head. I'm actually not sure how you can survive if you don't have ADHD! Without it, you end up spending far too long on any one of these tasks. a startup, there aren't layers of staff and the human resources needed to split up all these functions. It's absolutely essential to have no less than 7 applications running on your computer at any time. So, if you want to start a business, embrace your inner caffeine-addicted flea get used to switching hats very quickly!

Branching Out
Posted by Mark DiPasquale

Leaving the comfortable nest of corporate management is not something for the faint of heart. With kids to feed and mortgages to pay, it's awful nice getting a paycheck every week. But, when you start looking at it as a paycheck, you're already gone. When you are constantly asking yourself: "Can I do this for the next 25 years?" or "How many budget meetings can I sit through?" or "How many more Powerpoint slides can I create?" [yawn!!] It's time to go. For an aspiring entrepreneur, a paycheck is a ball and chain. It keeps you from realizing your dreams. It keeps you from building a company from scratch with everything you've ever believed in all rolled up in it. Is it scary? You're darn right it is, but if you have the experience in a type of business or service and you have the vision, passion and skill to turn it into a company with which people want to do business, there is only ONE option and that is to go for it!